Seminole County Schools has fully embraced the use of technology in both educational and administrative capacities. At both schools, all classrooms have teacher and student computers and printers. Many classrooms also have interactive whiteboards, projection units, remote answering devices, digital cameras, scanners, and many other technologies that are used in the daily delivery of the curriculum. School and district administrators and staff members all use technology to perform daily functions such as student enrollment, scheduling, and testing; state and federal data reporting; budget and accounting processes; and school nutrition processing. The two schools have all offices and classrooms wired for network and Internet access and both schools are connected by a wide area network (WAN). During the 2007-2008 school year, the system started a new project by issuing 75 laptops to the Advanced Placement (AP) students. To enhance this project and prepare for future implementations, a wireless network was installed at both schools.

Teacher Salaries & Benefits

Our teachers are paid on the state salary scale and provided a local supplement. We participate in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS), Social Security, and the state health insurance program(s). Teachers have the option of taking dental and vision insurance, additional health insurance, and participating in several annuity plans.

Higher Education

Donalsonville and Seminole County are served by Bainbridge College, a two-year college and part of the University System of Georgia. The new Bainbridge State College satellite facility in Donalsonville will allow students to take entry level courses while staying in Donalsonville to complete a two-year degree. Students will also have the opportunity to take advantage of additional courses via simulcasts from BSC’s main campus and the Early County site.

BSC also has two convenient locations, Bainbridge and Blakely, both just a short drive away. The college offers both academic transfer degrees and technical career certificates and degrees. In addition, George C. Wallace College is just 35 miles away, and Thomas Tech is 60 miles away.

Four year colleges include Troy State University (35 miles), Albany State University (63 miles), and Florida State University (65 miles).

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